​​​Illinois State Phi Kappa Psi

Send us an email with your contact information if you would like to be added to the Recruitment List so we can contact you when we begin recruitment events!  


Phi Kappa Psi as a national organization allows for 365 day recruitment, meaning that we have the ability to start a new pledge class at any time throughout the year.  Our chapter is no exception, however, our biggest pledge classes have always tended to come from Fall and Spring Rush.  This is a time when all fraternities at Illinois State go through a one week, semi-formal process of recruiting new members.  This process is regulated and organized by the ISU Interfraternal Council and more information can be found on ISU's website.

For more information on recruitment at ISU or recruitment at Phi Kappa Psi feel free to contact our recruitment chairmen :

Julian Garcia

Recruitment Chairmen